SL200 Mobile Data Link Modem

Radio Link Solution for Mobile Data and Live HD Video
 Indoor & Urban areas and Long-Range

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Simpulse SL200 mobile data link modem is dedicated to mobile bi-directional transmission of data and video in challenging environments. The modem provides high-performance, robust and secure data links with bitrate from 10 kbits/sec to 5 Mbits/sec for long range distance in LOS and Non-LOS conditions. In a surveillance mission over sea it delivered 3 Mbit/s of video at 55 km distance with 0.4 W transmit power and Simpulse's tracking antenna at ground.

SL200 is built around robust Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology that offers optimized sensitivity and robust synchronization in mobile conditions. The modem further integrates sophisticated measurement to optimize the link in real conditions. SL200 thus provides excellent quality of service for Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) transmissions and ensures high and stable throughput of live HD video and data, as well as telemetry and control command, in one single device.

Key features

  • Very long-range data links of 55 km with limited transmit power and simple antennas setup
  • Optimum coverage even in difficult indoor or urban propagation environments
  • Bi-directional link for data and live HD video, telemetry and control command
  • Superior robustness in mobile conditions using proprietary waveforms and Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies
  • Supports Point-to-Multipoint and Relay
  • Compact (60 x 45 x 73 mm) and lightweight (190 g)
  • Includes sophisticated Performance Analysis Tool for link monitoring and optimization
  • Simple integration using Ethernet and UDP protocol

Targeted applications

SL200 mobile data link modem is the ideal solution for Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Robots and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), long-range wireless video and telemetry, critical and secure applications.


SL200 radio modem is delivered as a compact aluminium box or in OEM version. Software and Hardware adaptations can easily be made. Contact us to discuss your particular needs. 

SL200 on a Long-Range UAV mission - Explainer video

Long-Range Data Links

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Indoor and Urban Video Links

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