SL200 establishes Live Video Link over 65 km on a UAV mission over sea

June 2019


SL200's recent deployment on board a Boreal drone, commissioned by weather forecaster Meteo France to predict the intensity and paths of cyclones (read the Meteo France article), showed its data link reliability on very long transmission range in real missions.

Using the Simpulse's GRS-T200 tracking antenna on the ground, SL200 transmitted the drone's Control & Command, Telemetry and Live Video up to 65 km requiring only 0.4 W transmit power.

Production of SL200 and GRS-T200 started in November 2018. The complete long-range data link solution is now commercially available.

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Simpulse at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019

April 2019

AUVSI Xponential 2019

Meet Simpulse on booth #3008

AUVSI XPONENTIAL, April 29 - May 2 2019, Chicago

New SL200 Datasheet Available

April 2019

G SL200 datasheet blurred 2

An updated version of the SL200 Mobile Data Link Modem datasheet is now available for Download.

Simpulse SL200 mobile data link modem is dedicated to mobile bi-directional transmission of data and video in challenging environments. The modem provides high-performance, robust and secure data links with bitrate from 10 kbits/sec to 5 Mbits/sec for long range distance in LOS and Non-LOS conditions.

SL200 is built around robust Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology that offers optimized sensitivity and robust synchronization in mobile conditions. The modem further integrates sophisticated measurement to optimize the link in real conditions. SL200 thus provides excellent quality of service for Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) transmissions and ensures high and stable throughput of live HD video and data, as well as telemetry and control command, in one single device.

Download the SL200 datasheet

New GRS-T200 datasheet available

GRS-T200 Long-range Ground Antenna for SL200

April 2019

GRST200 datasheet blurred 2

GRS-T200 is a tracking antenna which expands the range of action of SL200 embedded modem. This is the ideal solution to provide long range and robust video and data links. In UAV applications, GRS-T200 is located at the Ground side of the link and connects the Control Station to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. GRS-T200 integrates the SL200 modem and benefits from its highly robust Software Defined Radio (SDR) algorithms and its extreme flexibility. It is equiped with 2 omnidirectional antennas and 2 directive antennas automatically pointed to increase the link budget.

Download the GRS-T200 datasheet

New SL200 White Paper Available

How to Extend Video Links in Indoor and Urban Environments using SL200 Mobile Data Link

July 2018

Cover of SL200 White Paper

SL200 , Simpulse’s SDR Mobile Data Link Modem, was originally designed to establish powerful and secure video links over very long distances. Instead of applying the modem’s increased receiver sensitivity to establish data links over great distances, the sensitivity margin can also very conveniently be used in Non-Line Of Sight (Non-LOS) indoor areas to compensate for the attenuation of partitions (plasterboard, concrete, etc.) and fadings due to multipaths. This White Paper illustrates SL200’s performances through a Comparative Study of indoor video transmission between Simpulse’s SL200 Mobile Data Link and a WIFI modem on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).

Download the White Paper

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