Mobile Radio Link for LOS and Non-LOS
Indoor and Urban environments

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Radio transmissions in Non-Line Of Sight (Non-LOS) indoor and dense urban areas must cope with many challenges and in particular with multipath fading and floors and walls attenuation.

Simpulse has developed innovative Software-Defined Radio (SDR) technology that combines the best of techniques found in today’s cellular networks and standards. This proprietary SDR opens the way to robust and secure mobile data and live video transmissions in challenging environments.

Simpulse’s SDR Mobile Data Link solutions feature increased receiver sensitivity, enabling to compensate for the attenuation of walls and fadings due to multipaths. Examples of applications include mobile robots used to access dangerous, polluted or hard-to-access areas, demining robots, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) at nuclear sites, mobile cameras to assist firefighters or emergency intervention teams, and TV Broadcasts.


Indoor and Urban Video Links

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SL200 Mobile data-link modem

SL200 Mobile data-link modem

Ultra robust radio link solution dedicated to very long-range and highly mobile data transmissions

GRS-T200 Tracking Antenna

GRS-T200 Tracking Antenna

Easy to transport and install Ground Radio Station Tracking Antenna with GPS / Radio Signal Tracking Algorithms controlled by SL200

Custom SDR radio links

Custom SDR radio links

A flexible and powerful custom development platform to build robust specialized radio links

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