About Simpulse 

    Stéphane De Marchi and Emmanuel Hamman, founders of Simpulse, first gained extensive experience in the companies SAFRAN then DIBCOM, reputed to be at the leading-edge of digital wireless transmission technologies.

    In 2011, they founded Simpulse while developing an SDR platform called 'Pulsar', used to elaborate new waveforms and powerful signal processing algorithms. This platform was sold as an IP for integrators and chipmakers.

    In 2016, Simpulse decided to use the PULSAR platform to develop its own products, to meet the needs of its customers. Simpulse launched in 2017 the first long-distance transmission modem: SL100. Today, its successor SL200 benefits from all the advantages of SDR (flexibility, scalability, performance) and concentrates all the signal processing algorithms that have been extensively tested and fine-tuned in the field during these years.

    The extreme flexibility of this SDR platform also allows Simpulse to be able to offer its customers adaptations of SL200 according to their requests.

    SL200, Simpulse's flagship product, is already deployed today in many long-range and highly mobile data and video applications, and in a wide variety of dedicated radio links.

    The company is headquartered in Palaiseau, France, 20 km south of Paris in the Paris-Saclay Research and Business cluster.