GRS-T200 Tracking Antenna

    Long-range Tracking Antenna for UAV Radio Link

    Tracking antenna simpulse GRS T200          tracking antenna simpulse GRS T200 profil        tracking antenna simpulse GRS T200 folded


    GRS-T200 is a tracking antenna which expands the range of action of the SL200 embedded modem. This is the ideal solution to provide long range and robust video and data links.

    In UAV applications, GRS-T200 is located at the Ground side of the link and connects the Control Station to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

    GRS-T200 integrates the SL200 modem and benefits from its highly robust Software Defined Radio (SDR) algorithms and its extreme flexibility. It is equiped with 2 omnidirectional antennas and 2 directive antennas automatically pointed to increase the link budget.

    Key features

    • Transmission Range over 100 km (HD video), 100 km with 0.6W RF power, or 130 km for low resolution video, in LOS
    • Unrivaled sensitivity extending the distance range or enabling reduced transmit power
    • Tracking in LOS Full automated and precise 360° tracking with or without embedded GPS
    • High security using proprietary waveforms in addition to AES 128/256 encryption
    • Powerful Analysis tool to configure and analyze the transmission
    • Multiple logical links with QoS management
    • Compact and easy setup Foldable into a standard transport case, easy to deploy in 5mn

    GRS-T200 Datasheet

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