New SL200 White Paper Available

    How to Extend Video Links in Indoor and Urban Environments using SL200 Mobile Data Link

    July 2018

    Cover of SL200 White Paper

    SL200 , Simpulse’s SDR Mobile Data Link Modem, was originally designed to establish powerful and secure video links over very long distances. Instead of applying the modem’s increased receiver sensitivity to establish data links over great distances, the sensitivity margin can also very conveniently be used in Non-Line Of Sight (Non-LOS) indoor areas to compensate for the attenuation of partitions (plasterboard, concrete, etc.) and fadings due to multipaths. This White Paper illustrates SL200’s performances through a Comparative Study of indoor video transmission between Simpulse’s SL200 Mobile Data Link and a WIFI modem on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).