Signal processing algorithms

Simpulse has developed an advanced signal processing and waveform libraries for physical layers of radio communication systems, inspired from the best of 5G, Wifi and DVB technologies. The Simpulse's unique baseband technology mixes efficient waveforms and coding techniques.

The performance achieved by these algorithms have been proven in the field during numbers of real missions :

  • Better synchronization in low signal-to-noise conditions
  • Improved robustness in presence of strong multi-paths and high Doppler effect
  • The capacity to detect interferer and to change the operating channel dynamically
  • Higher flexibility to adapt the Quality of Services (QoS) to video and control command, and to share the time and frequency resources between the uplink and downlink directions

All these waveforms and algorithms are developed in software based on Simpulse's C++ libraries, and can be smoothly implemented on the PULSAR DSP platform using to the PULSAR Toolchain.

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