When Security and Radio Link Robustness are Critical
    Simpulse’s SDR technology delivers the radio link that does not fail under pressure
    Unprecedented Long-Range Radio Links for your UAV systems
    Control your UAV beyond Line of Sight and ensure high throughput of Live HD video
    Wireless Video Links where you need them
    Whether in dense urban environment or in a forest, our radio links adapt to the environment to deliver optimum Quality of Service
    Keep the control link in extreme conditions
    The datarate is smartly managed to better maintain the control link during the worst conditions

    Powerful specialized radio links

    standards bandwidth reach s

    Wifi, 3G, 4G, LPWA … several standards come in competition when looking for a mobile radio link.
    Simpulse offers specialized radio links that combine the best of techniques found in today’s cellular networks and long range standards.

    Robust and Secure Radio Links even in Challenging Environments

    Simpulse offers embedded Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions for innovative professional communication systems. Our radio link modems are the answer to professional applications that operate in highly mobile conditions and require a power-optimized, robust and secure solution, either in very disturbed indoor or urban environments or on very long distances.



    • Offers QoS with different waveforms adapted to data, video and control command
    • Very strong sensitivity allows for long-range transmissions
    • Proprietary algorithms to manage interferences

    Highly Mobile

    • Optimized waveforms for both Line of Sight (LOS) and Non-LOS transmissions
    • Tolerant to strong doppler effect
    • Low power solution


    • Dedicated waveforms to prevent radio link intrusion
    • Advanced Encryption (AES) to ensure data protection

    Frequency agile

    • Both licensed and ISM bands
    • Radio links can be tuned to customers' frequency bands
    • Easy adaptation to ensure country-specific regulatory compliance
    SL200 Video & Data link modem

    SL200 Video & Data link modem

    Ultra robust radio link solution dedicated to very long-range and highly mobile data transmissions

    GRS-T200 Tracking Antenna

    GRS-T200 Tracking Antenna

    Easy to transport and install Ground Radio Station Tracking Antenna with GPS / Radio Signal Tracking Algorithms controlled by SL200

    RSF200 Ground Antenna

    RSF200 Ground Antenna

    Compact and waterproof Multi-purpose Ground Antenna for mid-range UGV / UAV applications controlled by SL200