Mobile Radio Links for Long-Range missions

In Line of Sight (LOS) or in a sparse outdoor (rural) environment, Simpulse can guarantee a radio link over very long distances. The predominant direct waves will mainly be affected by distance, reflected waves, or light obstacles like plants.

Simpulse has developed its algorithms to process attenuated direct radio links, disturbed by the waves reflected on the ground or the sea. Thanks to its flexibility and efficiency, the SDR platform enables powerful digital signal processing, especially multipath processing, interference, Doppler effect, and fading processing. Here again, the unmatched sensitivity of the modem is a key point which boosts the performance of the algorithms.

The result is a radio link whose reliability, Quality of Service and range far exceed those of competitive solutions. The applications are numerous: long-range drone for mapping or surveillance, agricultural robots, wide terrestrial video surveillance (national parks, borders), etc.


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