New RSF200 ground antenna: Easy to use, embedding a SL200 modem

    June 2021

    Datasheet preview

    To complete our range of ground antennas, we introduce RSF200, the little sister of the GRS-T200 tracking ground antenna, targeting UAV / UGV usages for mid-range distances.

    RSF200 is waterproof, dustproof (IP67) and can be mounted on a mast or a portable tripod. RSF200 is very quick to install: just mount the box on the tripod, screw the 2 antennas, and plug in the connection cable. No calibration or pointing is required.

    Thanks to its high-sensitivity SL200 modem, the distance range can reach 20 km in Line-of-Sight (LOS) to transmit HD video, using a transmission power of only 500mW with the provided omnidirectional antennas.

    This range can be extended to 40 km for low resolution video under the same conditions. Longer ranges can be achieved by using sector antennas (optional).