PULSAR Toolchain

Automatic DSP toolchain for embedded SW generation


PULSAR DSP Toolchain is a comprehensive patented toolchain for the automatic implementation of signal processing functions on PULSAR DSP IP Core. As the toolchain is fully automatic, customization is easy and customer-specific solutions can be designed and implement in a very short time, resulting in faster time-to-market and significantly reduced development effort and costs.

Automatic implementation

PULSAR DSP Toolchain offers automatic implementation from system modeling to hardware validation in one single environment

Reduced development effort

  • Reduced development effort (x20 lower than hard-wired design) and cost
  • Increased innovation, as the toolchain gives free rein to the algorithm designer's creativity

Easy customization

  • Easy customization of designs and adaptation to customer requirements
  • Customers can design their own solutions

A complete toolchain

  • Functional validation and system design validation
  • System performance analysis

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