Custom SDR Radio Links

Powerful Custom Development Platform for Specialized Radio Links

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Simpulse’s custom radio link solutions enable to quickly build flexible and robust embedded SDR modems for specialized radio links in professional communication systems. All radio link solutions comprise:

Hardware and Software can be combined and optimized to build the desired embedded SDR solution based on required system complexity, cost-performance trade-off and power consumption. Another benefit of the underlying PULSAR Software-defined radio technology is that it induces great flexibility. Customer products are hence evolutive, easy to customize and extend.

Customer-specific solutions can be designed and implemented in a very short time. Resulting in faster time-to-market and significantly reduced development effort and costs.


Simpulse’s scientific team has solid expertise in digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms for radio communications, as well as electronic and embedded software archictures. This know-how has been used to develop the PULSAR SDR technology.


Solutions can be delivered as complete electronic circuit board, as board reference design or as IP block for FPGA or ASIC. All radio modem solutions come with associated development tools and services.

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