Updated SL200 Datasheet Available

October 2020

Datasheet preview

An updated version of the SL200 Mobile Data Link Modem datasheet is now available for Download.

This update includes the improvements brought by the last releases of the SL200 software, such as sensitivity, latency and available frequency bands.

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Simpulse partners with solar drone specialist XSun to reach air-ground data links of over 100 km

June 2020

SL200 modem

Simpulse is proud to announce its partnership with solar drone specialist XSun, provider of innovative energy-independent drones. The partnership will enable to extend the range of wireless air-ground data and video transmissions between XSun’s SolarXOne drone and ground-station to distances of over 100 km, using Simpulse’s SL200 mobile data-link modem. This very long range capacity can now be achieved with reduced weight and transmit power, thanks to the compact SL200 modem and underlying Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

More on XSun and SolarXOne energy-independent drone : XSun solar drone specialist

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Simpulse has released new SL200 version with major improvements

January 2020

An updated version of the SL200 mobile data link modem is now available. The new release features higher bitrate, lower latency and reduced power consumption, thus rendering mobile data and live HD video links even more effective and powerful.

SL200 modem

SL200 improved features include :

  • Higher bitrate to allow full quality HD video. The new version features a 50% increase in bitrate and thereby considerably enhances the quality of live HD video.
  • Lower latency for faster Control & Command of drones and robots. Latency has been cut by half, enabling to pilot UAVs and UGVs even more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced power consumption for greater autonomy and longer flying times.

Simpulse SL200 mobile data link modem is dedicated to mobile bi-directional transmission of data and video in challenging environments. The modem provides high-performance, robust and secure data links for long range distance as well as indoor environments, in LOS and Non-LOS conditions.

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SL200 establishes Live Video Link over 65 km on a UAV mission over sea

June 2019


SL200's recent deployment on board a Boreal drone, commissioned by weather forecaster Meteo France to predict the intensity and paths of cyclones (read the Meteo France article), showed its data link reliability on very long transmission range in real missions.

Using the Simpulse's GRS-T200 tracking antenna on the ground, SL200 transmitted the drone's Control & Command, Telemetry and Live Video up to 65 km requiring only 0.4 W transmit power.

Production of SL200 and GRS-T200 started in November 2018. The complete long-range data link solution is now commercially available.

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Simpulse at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019

April 2019

AUVSI Xponential 2019

Meet Simpulse on booth #3008

AUVSI XPONENTIAL, April 29 - May 2 2019, Chicago