Simpulse recruits Embedded Software Developer

September 2017

Simpulse recruits an Embedded Software Developer, dedicated to the development of Simpulse's SDR modem. This position is based at Simpulse's headquarters in Palaiseau, France.

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Candidates are invited to send CV and letter of motivation to: contact @

New White Paper: How to enable unprecedented long-range data-links using the SL100 modem 

September 2017

The White Paper demonstrates how Software Defined Radio and innovative technology ensure reliable transmission of live video and control command on long-range UAV missions. The paper outlines the techniques used in Simpulse’s SL100 mobile data-link modem, and further details the modem’s implementation in a professional UAV system and its performances on a long-range mission in the field. An absolute must-read!

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Simpulse joins the Analog Devices Alliances program

April 2017

sl100 sdr modem

Simpulse announces the company joined the Alliances program of DSP integrated circuit provider Analog Devices Inc. The company's complementary capabilities include Digital Signal Processign and system-level design. Simpulse's recently released SL100 Mobile data-link modem uses innovative SDR and signal processing technologies, including ADI's RadioVerse AD936x integrated wideband RF transceiver.


Simpulse launches SL100 mobile data-link modem

March 2017

sl100 sdr modem

Simpulse announces availability of its newly released SL100 Mobile data-link modem. SL100 is a professional ultra robust radio link solution dedicated to very long-range and highly mobile data transmissions with bitrate from 10 kbits/sec to 5 Mbits/sec. SL100 supports bi-directional links for data/video, telemetry and control command. The modem features superior robustness in mobile conditions and very high sensitivity using proprietary waveforms and SDR technologies.

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Simpulse launches flexible SDR modem board for mobile video transmissions

March 2016

pulsar board with dedicated DSP co-processor

Simpulse announces availability of an ultra flexible embedded SDR modem board for professional high-performance video transmissions. The board integrates Simpulse’s patented PULSAR DSP co-processor, a scalable and programmable hardware architecture that induces great flexibility and ensures customer products to be evolutive, easy to customise and extend.

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