Simpulse launches SL100 mobile data-link modem

March 2017

sl100 sdr modem

Simpulse announces availability of its newly released SL100 Mobile data-link modem. SL100 is a professional ultra robust radio link solution dedicated to very long-range and highly mobile data transmissions with bitrate from 10 kbits/sec to 5 Mbits/sec. SL100 supports bi-directional links for data/video, telemetry and control command. The modem features superior robustness in mobile conditions and very high sensitivity using proprietary waveforms and SDR technologies.

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Simpulse launches flexible SDR modem board for mobile video transmissions

March 2016

pulsar board with dedicated DSP co-processor

Simpulse announces availability of an ultra flexible embedded SDR modem board for professional high-performance video transmissions. The board integrates Simpulse’s patented PULSAR DSP co-processor, a scalable and programmable hardware architecture that induces great flexibility and ensures customer products to be evolutive, easy to customise and extend.

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Simpulse kicks of the RADIS collaborative R&D project

January 2016

Simpulse kicks off the RADIS collaborative R&D project with partners Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France, Orange, EURECOM and Eblink.

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