SIMPULSE, in collaboration with INTRA Group, demonstrates the capabilities of its SL200 radio link to greatly extend the intervention area of remotely operated robotic systems

    October 2021

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    During an operation conducted in collaboration with INTRA Group, intervention group that can be mobilized in case of nuclear accident with dedicated robots, SIMPULSE’s SL200 radio link maintained the video transmission in an area 4 times larger than the nominal one. Usually, in conventional digital transmission systems, a sudden link break occurs when the nominal coverage is exceeded. 

    During tests in a rural environment in collaboration with the INTRA Group, SIMPULSE has proven the effectiveness of its SL200 radio link applied to terrestrial robots. For INTRA Group's remotely operated applications, transmitting video is the main function of a radio link. It is essential for exploring the site, for manipulating objects, as well as for piloting and guiding the robot. The risk identified is losing the use of the robot when it exceeds the range of the radio link.

    In conventional digital transmission systems, the link is suddenly broken as soon as the limit of nominal coverage is exceeded. SIMPULSE pushes back the limits of this technology by implementing in its products a behavior similar to analog systems without abrupt cut-off: when the vehicle leaves the nominal transmission area, a lower data-rate and more robust radio link is maintained. This link is used for the transmission of a context video at lower resolution that allows to continue the mission. The intervention area can thus be multiplied by 4.

    Beyond that area, when the video can no longer be transmitted, a very robust and lower data-rate link is still ensured, with transmission of GPS coordinates and commands & control of the vehicle. It is thus possible to drive the machine back to the nominal coverage area.

    “The result of this test allows us to consider setting up very long-distance video links with a very robust transmission link. It is a strategic point for the INTRA Group. » noted the Expert Engineer of the INTRA Group.

    “INTRA Group's robotics expertise has enabled us to demonstrate the unrivaled robustness of our radio link in extreme conditions, and to adapt our technology to these environments." points out Emmanuel Hamman, CEO of SIMPULSE.

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