Simpulse SL200 achieved a video link over a distance of 110 km

    Mai 2022

    SL200 modem

    The two-way Simpulse SL200 radio link has once again demonstrated its capabilities in long distance missions.

    Integrated into a Boreal ISR drone, The SL200 communicated continuously with the Simpulse GRS-T200 tracking station placed at a distance of 110 km

    While a Boreal team was operating the drone on its testing ground in the Toulouse surburds, another team had placed the GRS-T200 tracking antenna at the Pic du Midi observatory , at an altitude of 2877m, to ensure Visual Line Of Site conditions over at least 110 km. The transmitted video came from the optronic camera of the drone.

    The Boreal and Simpulse teams successfully demonstrated the transmission of the real-time video stream carried out without interruption througout the 2 hours of flight.

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