A new software upgrade for the SL200 modem to maintain a control link in extreme conditions

    June 2021

    Datasheet preview

    Simpulse SDR (Software Define Radio) technology provides major enhancements to the SL200 modem. With this latest software update, the radio link will be maintained even under extremely difficult conditions.

    The data-rate is now adapted to the transmission conditions. Under good conditions, the data-rate is maximum, and when conditions become difficult, the transmission rate gradually decreases to improve the robustness of the link.

    Together with SIMPULSE’s unique process of data prioritization, while maintaining robustness for chosen high priority data, the data-rate can go down to:

    - 600 kbps for commands, telemetry and a low-resolution live video for example

    - Or even 170 kbps for critical data like commands/control and GPS coordinates

    To give an idea, reducing the datarate from 5 Mbps to 170 kbps will multiply by 4 the distance range in Line-of-Sight. In the same way, the distance range and robustness are greatly improved for robotics under Non-LOS conditions.

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